Tips on minimizing or preventing CEI

Tips on minimizing or preventing CEI:

  1. An eye care professional may be
    able to prescribe special “computer glasses.”
  2. Keep a glass of water near your
    desk to help humidify the air.
  3. Sip bottled water while you
    work…but pour it into a glass before drinking.
  4. Make a conscious effort to blink
    more often (especially if you tend to stare at the screen for long
    periods). Tape a reminder to the computer if necessary.
  1. Several times per hour, look
    around the room at objects of varying distances from the computer.
  2. Take scheduled breaks away from
    your desk (outdoors if possible, to help reduce stress).
  3. To reduce glare, position your
    computer so windows are at the side of your computer rather than in front
    or back.
  4. Adjust window blinds so that
    sunlight is away from your screen and eyes.
  5. If possible, turn off overhead
    lights that are too bright. Or switch to a lower wattage bulb or a desk
  6. Attach a glare-blocking hood or
    filter to your monitor. The can be found at most computer and office
    supply stores.
  7. Crack a window to let in humid air
    from the outside. Outdoor air is free of re-circulated bacteria and shed
    skin particles from co-workers, which enters via the heating/cooling
    system and are dehydrating to eyes and skin.
  8. Set the REFRESH RATE on your
    monitor as high as you can (over 85 is best). Use a flat-screen if
    possible. A low refresh rate (60 or less), on a cathode ray monitor, can
    cause eyestrain and headache. For Windows PC, right click on the opening
    screen (no programs running), then go to “properties-settings-advanced-monitor.”
  9. Take long, luxuriant showers every
    day that allow plenty of steam and moisture to penetrate your eyes, skin,
    breathing passages and lungs.
  10. Every couple weeks, take a hot
    body bath with a cup of Epsom salt dissolved in the bathtub water. This
    will benefit all parts of your body, including the skin, the eyelids, the
    skin around the eyes and the eyes.


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