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A Natural Approach to Eye Care

15 Feb

Michael Edson, MS (Naw Paltz, NY). Co-founder of Natural Eye Care (with Dr. Marc Grossman). “Natural approaches to macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, floaters, dry eyes, myopia and presbyopia.”

Michael Edson works with Dr. Marc Grossman in the field of natural eye care. He is trained in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and also in Asian martial arts. He was in Beijing during the Tiananmen Square incident. He recently spoke with Sharon Kleyne on the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio talk show.

Sharon wondered why the Chinese are so divergent from the West in their medical practice. Edson said there are many theories on how acupuncture originated but that they mostly were not in touch with western medicine or the Greek way of thinking (scientific method). They began to notice the effect of touching the body in various places and over thousands of years, a sophisticated system developed. They also pay attention to body color, smell and shape, and symptoms in the tongue and iris.

Eventually, this was boiled down to a theory of “meridians,” that energy flows through the body in channels or rivers. Water is important because it keeps the meridians flowing and also washes out waste (it must be pure water, not soda, juice, tea or coffee).

Edson practices aikido, which is a martial art emphasizing no winner or loser. When attacked, the objective is to neutralize the opponent to show them they can’t beat you, then negotiate the problem. Blows are redirected and the opponent is disabled. There is a strong spiritual aspect to this and negative energy is avoided.

Tai chi focuses on self healing and martial arts; karate is more internal with an emphasis on healing. People need to believe they have power and control over their own lives and that they are part of the Earth and their community. Martial arts can be very helpful with this.

Regarding health, Edson noted that quick fixes are usually not that effective and that most illness is caused by a chronic imbalance going back a long way. Disease can take years to develop and a lifestyle change can take years to correct the imbalance. Water, allergies and stress are all involved.

Regarding nutrition, everyone is different. The Eskimos require a lot of meat and fat, which are slow burning. Edson is against refined carbohydrates, which he says can cause autoimmune disease (and sugar is cancer causing).

Sharon noted that sodium may not be as bad as doctors would have you believe. It helps you retain water.

Mike talked about intestinal or digestive flora (bacteria), especially candida. An imbalance of digestive flora can lead to numerous diseases and allergies. “Probiotics” help to rebalance digestive flora. E coli is a common stomach flora as is lactobacillus.

Edson recommends a diet that is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. Meat and carbohydrates are acidic and acid can cause the release of inflammatory hormones.

Regarding meditation, the simplest way to get started is to buy a “guided meditation” tape. It promotes deep relaxation and activates lesser used parts of the brain.

Edson expressed concern that some children never experience a state of no stress. Both are needed to thrive – a “yin-yang” balance.

Regarding natural eye care, Edson recommends his website with Dr. Grossman, www.naturaleyecare.com. It lists many proactive measures you can take to promote good vision and healthy eyes. They also have a free booklet of eye exercises and acupressure points for the eye.