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Mist The Eyes

10 Feb

Researchers Claim Mist Is Better Than Eye Drops. Researchers Praise Mist’s Novel Approach.

William D. Mathers, M.D., Julia Oxford, Ph.D. and Philip Paden, Ph.D. agree that the problems associated with the sprinkling Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, of eye drops can be overcome with the use of a specialized water mist. The only available product that follows this method is Natures Tears® EyeMist®, developed by the research center at Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® in Grants Pass, Oregon.

All three researchers agree that misting dry eyes is the simplest and most effective approach to restoring tear film dilution through the use of pure water without additives or preservatives and applying the water as an ultra-fine micron mist. The water mist approach retains the simplicity of water while overcoming the possibility of severe osmotic shock. The water mist accomplishes this by diluting the tear volume with exquisitely small micro-droplets. This new technology engineers the diameter of the mist droplet to be within a highly desirable 40-60 micron range. The micro-droplets land on the ocular surface and pass through the lipid layer where they dilute the water layer without washing away normal tear constituents. The canister nozzle delivers a volume of 1-2 micro-liters per square centimeter per second at 14 inches from the face. Because the average exposed ocular surface area is 2 square centimeters, the result is 2 micro-liters per second to the eye. In other words, in one or two seconds, the tear volume is sufficiently diluted to restore normal osmolarity.


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Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® E-Commerce Strategy

23 Sep

Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® – a Simply Moist® experience! Woman invented, woman owned American product for dry eyes. New discovery – the Power of Water®.

Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® e-commerce commitment.

Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Water Research and international water advocate, is announcing an increased emphasis on e-commerce and retail Internet accounts for Nature’s Tears EyeMist, the company’s patented, all-natural breakthrough product for dry eye, eye allergies and computer vision syndrome.

“E-commerce,” explains Mrs. Kleyne, “is global, open 24 hours a day, and has a unique ability to quickly reach consumers of all ages and categories, including targeted subgroups such as sports participants, allergy sufferers, and people experiencing computer eye irritation. That’s why we are placing the highest priority on acquiring new Internet retail accounts.”

Nature’s Tears EyeMist, according to Mrs. Kleyne, has been extremely successful selling in 70,000 brick-and-mortar drugstores, doctor’s offices, hospitals and the military. Internet sites such as Amazon.com have been especially effective in helping the product reach consumers looking for a dry eye product and education.

Water is the ONLY method to humidify dry eyes.

This new category product is the result of two decades of research by Sharon Kleyne. She discovered that dry eye syndrome is a global health crisis and that the only correct way to re-humidify dry and irritated eyes is with water rather than formulated products. Her research led to the discovery of Bio-Logic Aqua tissue culture water, the only known all-natural water with the correct pH, osmolarity, mineral solute content and application technology for dry eye application.

The water is now Bio-Logic Aqua Research’s “trade secret” and the only ingredient in Nature’s Tears EyeMist, which contains no formulated chemicals, preservatives, saline solution or potential allergens.

New global discovery: Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®.

According to Mrs. Kleyne, “Nature’s Tears EyeMist is an all-natural, personal hand-held device that humidifies the air in front of the eyes, which the tear film then naturally absorbs.”

Endorsed by ophthalmologists, optometrists, pharmacists and dry eye researchers around the world, this American product received a United States patent in April, 2009, for its description of misting the eyes and tear film with 100% natural water to soothe dry eyes (see http://www.naturestears.com for product demonstration, description and references).

Dry eyes, dry air and the environment.

“Worldwide,” Mrs. Kleyne explains, “the air we breathe is too dry. Everyone knows the air is polluted and dirty but few realize that our air is also losing its life-giving clean water (humidity). This is the number one environmental threat to health. The good news is that my company’s personal hand-held water misting devices will empower every individual to provide their own instant humidity supplement, regardless of how dirty or dry the air.”

“Earth is always changing,” she concludes, “and for human life to survive, we must learn to adapt to those changes. In the current global environment, with the help of our wonderful Internet partners, Bio-Logic Aqua’s business of water products such as Nature’s Tears EyeMist will one day be as indispensable as drinking water, clothing, sunscreen and lip balm.”

Don’t miss The Sharon Kleyne Hour – Power of Water at http://www.worldtalkradio.com, Apple iTunes and Green Talk Network, Mondays at 10 a.m. PST/PDT. Sponsored by Nature’s Tears EyeMist and Bio-Logic Aqua Research.

Senior Citizens’ Eye Diseases

18 Aug

Managing Aging Eye – Lifestyle, Nutrition and Water.

“Eye Misting” Is a New, All-Natural Discovery for Senior Dry Eye

Seniors and aging eye.

As you age, it is normal to become concerned about the many serious eye diseases to which seniors are susceptible. These diseases are collectively called “aging eye.”

Managing aging eye.

Ideally, your parents will have taken you for regular eye exams and made sure you ate properly, obtained sufficient sleep and exercise, and drank enough water (hydration is important because recent research is discovering a link between aging eye diseases and chronic dehydration). If you maintain and eye healthy lifestyle as an adult, your chances of developing serious aging eye diseases could be considerably reduced.

Bio-Logic Aqua Research has discovered that age related eye disease can be minimized by proactively managing your eye health and lifestyle.

The company recommends:

  • Regular eye exams (to catch problems early).
  • Drinking at least 60 to 80 ounces of water a day to prevent dehydration.
  • Eating plenty of dark green vegetables (spinach, kale, arugula and broccoli). Carrots are extremely high in beta-carotene, required for visual functioning.
  • Obtaining plenty of sleep and exercise.
  • Avoiding excessive sun exposure, prolonged computer use, smoking and other activities that create a high risk for dehydration and dry eye in seniors.

Aging eye diseases.

  • Age related macular degeneration.
  • Cataracts.
  • Diabetic retinopathy.
  • Floaters.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Presbyopia.

Senior dry eye.

Chronic dry eye (loss of tear film water/moisture) is common among seniors and can lead to corneal ulceration, eye cancer and blindness. Research is discovering that dry eye could be a root cause of all aging eye diseases. To prevent dry eye and prolong vision, it is important at any age to drink plenty of water, keep eyes hydrated and be aware of dehydration symptoms. Be especially proactive if you live in a high risk area for dry eye or frequently engage in the high risk activities listed above.

Eye Misting.

Proper eye hydration, maintaining the correct amount of all-natural moisture in the eye’s tear film, could help senior citizens (and everyone else) prevent or alleviate aging eye diseases. A patented new all-natural approach to eye hydration, called “eye misting,” has recently made this much easier. Simply point the gentle, 100% water, hand-held mist applicator towards your face and press a button. There are no eye drops, eye droppers, chemicals, preservatives or saline solution. Your eyes absorb the all-natural water mist from the air exactly as they absorb natural humidity.

The only all-natural water eye mist currently available is Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, from Bio-Logic Aqua Research.


Bio-Logic Aqua Research – Rogue Media Division. 
1-800-FOR-MIST (367-6478)


Original article: http://www.naturestears.com/articles/article_Senior_Citizens_Eye_Diseases.php

Watery Eyes a Symptom of Dry Eyes

25 May

Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® – All-Natural Relief for Dry Eye and Watery Eyes

  • Frequent “watery eyes,” where eyes are overly moist with tears and drip at the corners, may be a symptom of a condition called “dry eye.”
  • Dry eye and watery eyes may be associated with dry air, air pollutants such as smoke, forced air heating and cooling, insulated walls and windows, household chemicals, excessive heat or cold, numerous dehydration diseases, medications, wind, low humidity, computer use, airline travel, strenuous activities, fatigue, stress, poor DIET, not drinking enough water, allergies and much more.
  • When the all-important and protective “basal tear film” covering the eyes, for the reasons listed above, loses too much natural water and becomes dehydrated, it can stimulate reflex tearing, in which the eyes overflow with tears.
  • Reflex tears are the eyes’ attempt to overcompensate for tear film water loss (the tear film should be 99% water), and prevent worsening dehydration symptoms and ultimately, corneal damage.
  • Earliest dry eye symptoms include transitory blurred vision and eye fatigue, followed by red eye, a burning, itching or grainy sensation, watery eyes, increased eye allergies and increased bacteria susceptibility.
  • Tear film water loss, or dry eye, can be caused by insufficient tear production, poor tear film quality and environmental factors that increase tear film evaporation. These factors are rarely mutually exclusive and result in an over-concentration of tear film electrolytes and the production of inflammatory hormones.
  • The traditional dry eye remedy has been formulated eye drops. However, eye drops can flood and disrupt the natural tear film structure, increasing the potential for evaporative water loss.
  • Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, recently received a United States patent on the first all-natural eye mist application for dry eyes. The application is Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, the only all-natural, non-eye drop product for dry eye, allergy eyes and tired eyes.
    • No other product is as natural, safe or biocompatible with the eye and tear film.
    • Nature’s Tears EyeMist contains 100% all-natural Bio-Logic Aqua tissue culture grade water. Unlike eye drops, the mist contains no saline, preservatives or formulated compounds. Nature’s Tears EyeMist is completely safe, healthy and non-allergenic.
  • Sharon Kleyne’s research has led to numerous dry eye and watery eyes discoveries:
    • ” Earth’s changing environment is causing an increase in dehydration diseases such as dry eye, watery eyes and allergy eyes. The air is too dry, both indoors and outdoors, due to pollution, climate change and “techno” environments.
    • ” Dry air and dehydration diseases (body water loss from birth) are the world’s #1 environmental health issues. 80% of eye doctor visits now relate to dry eye and watery eyes. Every four seconds, someone goes blind and 100 US cities are listed as “dry eye hot spots.”
    • ” To prevent dry eye and maintain eye health (eyes are the mirror of your body), Sharon Kleyne recommends drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, regular exercise, lots of fresh air, productive sleep, stress management, a proper diet and plenty of “eye foods” (green, leafy vegetables and – you guessed it – carrots!)
  • Sharon Kleyne’s all-water, all-natural discoveries for dry eye, watery eyes and allergy eyes are endorsed by universities, doctors and scientists worldwide for their innovative approach to natural eye hydration.


Bio-Logic Aqua Research – Rogue Media Division.
1-800-FOR-MIST (367-6478)

Causes of Dry Eye

26 Apr

Severe chronic dry eye is a dehydration disease with multiple causes, linked to age, gender, hormones and environmental conditions.

The causes of dry eye disease are multiple, complex and not completely understood. Because of the rapid worldwide increase in dry eye disease and other dehydration diseases, especially severe chronic dry eye, tear film research discoveries are now isolating the physical, demographic and environmental causes of this potentially sight threatening and life threatening condition.

Nearly everyone experiences occasional, transient dry eye and tear film water loss. It is estimated that 40 million Americans suffer from dry eye disease or dry eye syndrome. Dry eye symptoms are the #1 reason for eye doctor visits in the United States. Worldwide, especially in countries where medical facilities are poor, dry air is a problem, water is scarce or unsafe and air pollution is far worse, dry eye – and dehydration diseases resulting from dry eye and tear film water loss – is a leading cause of impaired eyesight, preventable blindness and even death.

Some common causes of dry eye:

  • Dry eye and environment/dry air/air pollution
  • Dry eye and blepharitis
  • Dry eye and age
  • Dry eye and moisture evaporation
  • Dry eye and hormonal flux
  • Dry eye and denervation
  • Dry eye and contact lenses
  • Dry eye and menopause
  • Dry eye and Lasik surgery
  • Dry eye and autoimmune dysfunction
  • Dry eye and basement membrane dystrophy


Bio-Logic Aqua Research – Rogue Media Division.
1-800-FOR-MIST (367-6478)

Dry Eye Zone on Sharon Kleyne Hour

14 Apr

Rebecca Petris Talks with Sharon Kleyne about Severe, Chronic Dry Eye Disease

Sharon Kleyne Hour – Power of Water ®show of April 11, 2011.

This is a paraphrased summary of an interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour – Power of Water Internet radio talk show on World Talk Radio, Apple iTunes and Green Talk Network. Sharon Kleyne is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, water and health advocate, and Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research and Save a Child’s Life Foundation. To hear the complete show, go to http://www.SharonKleyneHour.com

Guest: Rebecca Petris, founder of http://www.DryEyeZone.com.

Severe chronic dry eye.

Dry eye disease is a growing worldwide health crisis. Eighty-percent of US eye doctor visits now involve dry eye symptoms. How debilitating can dry eye disease become? Rebecca Petris, founder of http://www.DryEyeZone.com, has been there.

Rebecca Petris developed severe chronic dry eye disease following Lasik surgery in 2001. The resulting severe pain affected every hour of every day and forced her to change careers. In her search for relief, she was appalled by the paucity of information and treatment options (Click for Sharon’s 7/20/08 interview with Lasik pioneer Dr. Marguerite McDonald).

When Rebecca’s search for causes and treatment options hit an impasse, she founded the Dry Eye Zone in 2005 as a forum for others suffering from severe Lasik complications. She soon discovered many desperate severe chronic dry eye patients who never had Lasik, including the. elderly, contact lens wearers, cosmetic eyelid surgery patients and users of the acne drug Accutane.

Dry Eye Zone visitors, according to Rebecca, are terrified of either losing their vision or going through life with constant pain. They seek hope.

In recent years, Rebecca and Sharon both report, the causes of dry eye disease has become better understood (dry eye can begin at birth) and education is more readily available. There are no end of new treatment options with more on the way. However, much remains to be done.

Causes, symptoms and treatment Continue reading

New York Eye Doctor on Dry Eye – Part 1

12 Apr

Sharon Kleyne interviews Dr. Robert Latkany, whose New York practice is limited to dry eye

This is a paraphrased summary of an interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour – Power of Water Internet radio talk show on World Talk Radio, Apple iTunes and Green Talk Network. Sharon Kleyne is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, water and health advocate, and Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research and Save a Child’s Life Foundation. To hear the complete show, go to http://www.SharonKleyneHour.com

Guest: Dr. Robert Latkany (New York, NY), Ophthalmologist, author of The Dry Eye Remedy.

Sharon Kleyne: Dr. Robert Latkany is a New York eye doctor (ophthalmologist) who devotes his entire medical practice to dry eye disease. Dr. Latkany, I know that dry eye symptoms are the most common reason for ophthalmologist visits. Tell us why, as a New York eye doctor, you decided to treat only dry eye.

Dr. Latkany: Millions of people suffer from dry eye, and many more have dry eye but don’t know it. Dry eye is also one a common reason people see allergists. Specializing in dry eye isn’t as glamorous as LASIK surgery but it affects a lot more people. Many patients are surprised when told they have dry eye and it’s often misdiagnosed as an allergy or infection

S: What are some dry eye symptoms?

L: The main complaint is intermittent blurred vision. Also itching and burning eyes, redness, irritation, drowsiness, anxiety and increased sensitivity to allergies. Symptoms can be debilitating and scary. Our eyes are not well protected and a lot of diseases – both of the eyes and body – can enter via the eyes, especially if the tear film is unhealthy. Also, over 100 prescription drugs can cause dry eye, including allergy, thyroid, blood pressure and anti-psychotic medications. Continue reading