Environmental Causes of CEI

Environmental causes of CEI:

In addition to the intense light of the computer
monitor, research is discovering that several other common office conditions
may result in dry, irritated eyes:

  • Forced-air heating and cooling.
  • Synthetic chemicals (plastics, paint, leaning fluids, etc).
  • Insulated windows and walls.
  • Crowding.
  • Fluorescent lighting.
  • Stress.
  • Low indoor humidity.

Dry, irritated eyes.

The environmental stresses just described all result
in a slight increase in moisture (water) evaporation from the delicate TEAR
FILM covering the eye’s exposed portions. The tear film, though only about five
microns (millionths of a meter) thick, is amazingly complex. It consists of:

Lipid layer. This topmost layer is comprised of a very thin film
of fatty oil that lubricates the eyelid and slows moisture evaporation from the
lower layers.

Aqueous layer. The middle and thickest layer contains the vast
majority of the tear film’s moisture. Obviously, this is where most moisture
loss occurs. The layer also contains electrolytes, proteins and
bacteria-fighting antibodies. It provides oxygenated water to the cornea.

Mucin layer. This bottom layer consists of mucus that glues the
tear film to the optical surface.

most physically irritating results of tear film moisture loss are an
over-concentration of electrolyte (salt) and proteins in the aqueous
layer. The results are itching, burning, eye-strain and other symptoms.
Insufficient oxygen in the aqueous layer’s moisture can also cause

Soothing dry irritated eyes.

Soothing dry, irritated eyes is simple and logical: Simply
add moisture to the tear film!

In the past 110 years of medical research, this has proved more easily said than
done. Traditional formulated eyedrops can be of some benefit as a moisture
sealer, but they can be inconvenient to apply and aren’t always effective. The
chemicals and preservatives cause an allergic reaction and they may be safely applied
only a few times a day. Instead of working naturally to augment and replenish
tear film moisture, the large-drop application can flood and wash away the tear
film, including protective antibodies, replacing it with artificial chemicals.

Nature’s Tears EyeMist.

The best way to prevent or keep eyes moist and
minimize CEI discomfort is to mist your eyes with Nature’s Tears EyeMist
whenever discomfort is felt. The unique moisture-mist provides the correct pH
balance, mineral content and osmolarity  to penetrate to the tear film’s aqueous
layer in just the right amount; without flooding. Even if you continue using
regular eyedrops, they will become more effective as a moisture sealer (to help
decrease moisture film evaporation), if you apply Nature’s Tears EyeMist first.
Because Nature’s Tears EyeMist has no dosage limit, you may also apply the mist
between eyedrop applications, or as a stand-alone whenever ocular discomfort is

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