Bio-Med Wash®: Emergency Eye Care Without Burning Eyes

4 Oct

Bio-Med Wash® Is Proactive First Response for Injured Eyes. Sharon Kleyne Calls Bio-Med Wash® the Only Emergency Eye Product Not To Burn the Eyes.

If you were trying to exit a burning building, you would be fighting against smoke inhalation and severe eye irritation, but if you could rely on Water Life Science® innovative technology and pull from your belt a can of Bio-Med Wash®, a quick eye wash spray to the eyes would clear your vision and help you to see where you are going. A swift, easy application of Bio-Med Wash® helps your eyes following heat, smoke and dust exposure. The pure water eye wash washes irritated eyes without the discomfort that often accompanies saline solution eye washes, chemical eye washes or steady-stream fountain eye washes.

Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Water Life Science® explained that Bio-Med Wash® is a Trade Secret tissue culture grade fresh water product that is applied to the desired area with a personal, portable hand-held eye wash device. This emergency first aid eye wash spray device has caught on quickly with first responders, the military and construction workers and is changing emergency eye wash and first aid procedures for the eyes. First responders have reported that in eye emergencies when eyes are compromised by dust, smoke and heat and people cannot see where they are going, Bio-Med Wash® saves vision and lives without causing burning eyes or blurriness.

According to Kleyne’s innovative research center, industrial sites where Bio Med Wash® has been made proactively available report a significant reduction in eye injuries from occupational hazards. Across the United States and Canada, first responders, police and fire departments, dental offices, schools, the US military, oil field personnel, and workers at high-risk indoor and outdoor occupations are discovering the benefits of Bio- Med Wash® personal, hand-held portable eye wash device.

An additional advantage is that the spray contents of Bio-Med Wash® remain sterile no matter how unsanitary the surroundings may be. Even if the canister has been opened and partially used, the contents remain sterile. This means that partially expended canisters don’t have to be discarded and the same canister may be shared by multiple users. Canisters may be passed from one individual to another even while evacuating a burning building (With a fixed location, steady-stream fountain-type eye wash station, you are required to stand in place for 15 minutes running water in your eyes).

The product is a personal, portable bag-on-valve technology in a can and it invites you to be proactive about your own eye health. This Water Life Science® innovative technology can be placed at work sites and trouble spots as loose canisters. It can be proactively carried on a belt holster or innovatively mounted on a single-unit bracket mount for firefighters, ambulances, helicopters and in thousands of other locations. Canisters are easily removed from the brackets. Bio-Med Wash® can also be made available as a 15-canister wall mount magazine dispenser or a 15-canister soft-sided carrying case.

Kleyne, who also serves as host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water Life Science® on VoiceAmerica sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, points out that workers can usually return to work following proactive application and do not end up with their clothes drenched – as is often the case with plumbed, fountain-type eye wash stations and large saline solution bottles. Bio-Med Wash® is flawless and effective as an emergency first aid eye and skin wash consisting of 100% pure, fresh water for emergency use. The product may be applied upside-down without affecting the spray. Regardless of how you use it, Bio-Med Wash® is the only global innovative technology that does not cause burning of the eyes.


Have you ever tried Bio-Med Wash® or known someone who has done so to deal with an injury or extreme situation? What’s the verdict?

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