What Is The Eye? It’s A Dream Catcher

29 May

Sharon Kleyne Teaches Eye Awareness. Kleyne Says Only Pure Water Supplements Dry Eyes.

“The human eye is the ultimate dream catcher,” says water advocate Sharon Kleyne, “but not when it suffers from the horrible symptoms of dry eye disease.” Kleyne points out that when your eyes are red, sore, swollen, itchy and blurry, then you are not enjoying the dreamy beauty of the planet. You are not excited by the brilliant colors and cool shadows visible to healthy eyes. You are in pain and you’re suffering because your eyes have lost too much moisture (water) due to excessive evaporation of the eye’s water vapor.

Did you know that the eye’s tear film is 99% water? It is! This is why your eye needs to stay moist (moist equals water). When your eye dries out due to excess evaporation, bad things begin to happen. You’re less productive a work. You have less energy. You’re crabby and so you probably aren’t too popular with your family. And if you allow your dry eye problems to persist, guess what? There is a good chance that you will go blind. That’s right. Blind! Any way you size it up, your quality of life suffers.

Fortunately Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, is dedicated to water and the study of supplementing the body’s and the earth’s water vapor evaporation with pure water. She has also been a trailblazer uncovering the benefits of pure water for pharmaceutical and medical application. Holder of several global patents, her Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science®, which she founded, produces and markets unique, original eye and skin all-natural moisturizing products with no competitors. These products use a simple, pH-balanced pure water mist for supplementation—replacing the water vapor lost every day to evaporation. Kleyne’s products are unique among eye and skin moisturizers because their effectiveness is not based on chemicals or additives, but on 100% pure water and the natural ability of eyes and skin to absorb moisture from the air. Kleyne believes that her unique water therapy products transport people to a walk in a lush forest where the moist air is the breath of life. Nature’s Tears®EyeMist®, Nature’s Face of the Water® and Bio Med Wash® empower each individual, on their own, to create a personal micro-environment of healthy, pure, moist air—a new water lifestyle®.

“If we don’t take very seriously the health of our eyes,” Kleyne says, “we run the real risk of losing our most important connection to nature. That connection is our eyes with this earth. But if we get educated and become more proactive, then we can take care of our eyes and allow them to be what they were meant to be—the dream catchers of our life journey here on earth.”
Do you have your own story or stories about your eyes as dream catchers? We want to know! Please share your opinions and stories with us and other readers and listeners.

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