Eye Care For Computer Users

24 Mar

Computer & Smartphone Addictions Can lead to Blindness. Dehydrated Eyes Threaten Chronic Computer Users.

Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Water Life Science® and host of the nationally syndicated The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, Global Climate Change and Your Health on Voice America, doesn’t like seeing so many people staring at the screens of their I-Phones and computer screens without taking periodic breaks. “These people don’t understand,” said Kleyne, “that the energy put out by those devices dehydrates the tear film of their eyes, which causes redness, irritation and blurred vision, among other things. Headaches are also common,” said Kleyne.

This is why Kleyne enjoys hosting Adetutu Ijose on her radio program. Ijose, a health and nutrition consultant for computer users with SOG Consultants Corp, has extensively studied the short and long-term effects of computers and smart phones on their users. Ijose is the author of several books on the subject such as The Health Effects of Computer Use on Women, Teenage and Adult Texting Addictions, Eyes, Vision and Computer Use and The Health Effects of Video Games. Ijose would like to see people take a computer-free vacation this summer. “The best way to avoid computer-related health issues,” says Ijose, “is to turn off your devices and walk away.

Sharon Kleyne agrees, but of course, Ijose and Kleyne know that not everyone can simply unplug and live computer-free. Most people today have computers, to some extent, in their work lives and virtually everyone is connected for emails, texts and games. Like it or not, computers and the internet have become as necessary to daily life as transportation vehicles and the toothbrush.

Everyone knows something about the advantages of computer technology, but many users are still ignorant about the threats these devices pose to your health. “Sitting at your computer,” Ijose said, “you are looking at light through a water vapor (that’s how we see light), but the computer energy is actually drying out that moisture; it is drawing out the user’s moisture, too, and that means you. The more you evaporate because of your computer and iPhones,” Ijose continued, “the more you’re likely to develop stress-related behavioral and mental issues. You’ve heard of road rage?” Ijose asked. “Get ready for screen rage.”

Kleyne absolutely agrees with Ijose’s assessment. She reminded listeners why Dr. Gerald Pollack’s analogy of the human body as a battery is a smart one. Over-evaporation caused by computers and I-Phones triggers emotional anxiety in the brain. Addiction to computers and I-Phones is a real and serious problem today! Kleyne urged everybody to remember to breathe properly and drink lots of water while sitting at the computer or texting on an I-Phone. “Blinking is vital, too,” said Sharon Kleyne. “Remember to blink! These steps will reduce stress.”

Ijose said that you “must align your body with a holistic, natural way of life. Anything that happens to us has a holistic solution in nature if we only look for it.”

Kleyne and Ijose share a belief that education will be the key factor in getting people to spend less time with their debilitating devices. Getting smarter about exercise and dietary choices and learning more about the body’s water vapor and how it is affected by daily evaporation will make us healthier, happier people in the long run. It’s all about knowing when to turn off those devices and walking away.

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