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Bikers Beware of Winter Eye Dangers

24 Feb

Sharon Kleyne and Philip Paden, MD, put together a list of recommendations for protecting against winter dry eye.

Paden is an ophthalmologist and a former instructor at Cornell University. He is also a former professional motorcycle racer who has been riding for 40 years and is an authority on motorcycle eye protection and motorcycle dry eye.

According to Kleyne and Paden, motorcycle dry eye primarily occurs when wind increases the pressure on water at or near the surface of the eyes and eyelids, to evaporate into the atmosphere. As a result of this moisture loss, riders frequently complain of eye irritation, discomfort or fatigue, blurred vision, watery eyes, headaches and feelings of stress. Sunglasses and face shields may not offer adequate eye protection because other dehydrating factors also play a role. The tear film that covers and protecting our eyes is 98% water.

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