Causes of Dry Eye

26 Apr

Severe chronic dry eye is a dehydration disease with multiple causes, linked to age, gender, hormones and environmental conditions.

The causes of dry eye disease are multiple, complex and not completely understood. Because of the rapid worldwide increase in dry eye disease and other dehydration diseases, especially severe chronic dry eye, tear film research discoveries are now isolating the physical, demographic and environmental causes of this potentially sight threatening and life threatening condition.

Nearly everyone experiences occasional, transient dry eye and tear film water loss. It is estimated that 40 million Americans suffer from dry eye disease or dry eye syndrome. Dry eye symptoms are the #1 reason for eye doctor visits in the United States. Worldwide, especially in countries where medical facilities are poor, dry air is a problem, water is scarce or unsafe and air pollution is far worse, dry eye – and dehydration diseases resulting from dry eye and tear film water loss – is a leading cause of impaired eyesight, preventable blindness and even death.

Some common causes of dry eye:

  • Dry eye and environment/dry air/air pollution
  • Dry eye and blepharitis
  • Dry eye and age
  • Dry eye and moisture evaporation
  • Dry eye and hormonal flux
  • Dry eye and denervation
  • Dry eye and contact lenses
  • Dry eye and menopause
  • Dry eye and Lasik surgery
  • Dry eye and autoimmune dysfunction
  • Dry eye and basement membrane dystrophy


Bio-Logic Aqua Research – Rogue Media Division.
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