Natural Products News: A Pure Water MIST Alternative to Hydrate Dry Eyes

8 Mar

Nature’s Tears® EYEMIST® – All-Natural, Patented Alternative to Eye Drops for Dry Eyes and Tear Film Hydration.

(Grants Pass, Oregon. March 4, 2011) Breakthrough natural products news: After a decade of research and extensive nationwide market testing, Bio-Logic Aqua Research announces an all-natural alternative product for dry eye disease, red eye and irritated eyes.

  • Breakthrough United States patent. The technology behind this all-natural product was awarded the first US patent on the application of water as a fine mist to re-hydrate the natural tear film.
  • Supplemental moisture for dry eye disease. Research has discovered that in dehydration of the eyes, too much water (moisture) evaporates from the tear film’s aqueous layer. Nature’s Tears® EYEMIST® natural product alternative replaces only the lost water while leaving intact the complex natural protective tear film structure.
  • 100% all-natural water. The Nature’s Tears® EYEMIST® alternative contains 100% Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue culture grade water, discovered to be naturally correct for a fine MIST eyes application.
  • Safe and convenient. The personal portable hand-held device applies the EYEMIST® in seconds. No formulated chemicals, non-allergenic, 100% safe. No need to stop what you’re doing, tilt your head back or hold your eyelids open.
  • No dripping, no mess. With conventional eye drops, a single drop of artificial tears or redness reliever contains up to ten times the volume of the natural tear film. Eye drops are not all-natural products. Eye drops can flood the tear film and disrupt the natural lipid layer that slows moisture evaporation. It can also drip down the face and cause eye discomfort.
  • Non-saline. Most conventional eye drop formulations contain saline solution, which can sting on contact with eyes. Recent discoveries show that when the tear film lacks sufficient moisture, re-hydration requires only water. Additional salt (saline) can cause discomfort.
  • No burning eyes or blurred vision. Conventional eye drops can cause burning and itching eyes, blurred vision and allergic reactions.
  • No dosage limit. Since Nature’s Tears® EYEMIST® is 100% safe and contains only all-natural water, it may be applied as often as desired – every few minutes if necessary. Conventional eye drops are limited to four to six applications per day. Nature’s Tears® EYEMIST® – The all-natural product alternative!
  • Four year shelf-life. Because the sterile water EYEMIST® is released from a specially designed sealed container, it cannot become contaminated or lose sterility. The seal’s life expectancy is four years.
  • More natural products news: Unlike eye drops, Nature’s Tears® EYEMIST® doesn’t need to go directly into your eyes and it’s OK to blink. The EYEMIST® moisturizes and hydrates dry eyelids!
  • Nature’s Tears® EYEMIST® – The ONLY all-natural alternative for: Dry eye disease, computer vision syndrome, red eye, burning eyes, itching eyes, eye allergies, eye fatigue, eye irritation from perspiration, tear film dehydration and tear film moisture loss.


Bio-Logic Aqua Research – Rogue Media Division. 5001 Lower River Road, Grants Pass, OR 97528; 1-800-FOR-MIST (367-6478);


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