LASIK Surgery While Pregnant

2 Mar

There were a few questions from the Dry Eye Forum about having LASIK or laser eye surgery while pregnant, so I looked into it and found a great article from Baby Center.

The article has answers from 2 different ophthalmologists, including Dr. Marguerite McDonald. Here is a brief summary of her answer:

“While it’s not likely to be unsafe for the baby, pregnancy isn’t a good time for a mom to get LASIK. Being pregnant can throw off your prescription; as an opthalmologist, I’m often the first person to tell a female patient that she might be pregnant. During pregnancy your eyesight usually swings to nearsightedness, but sometimes you get more farsighted. So, the correction a woman gets while pregnant might no longer work once she has her baby and stops breastfeeding.

Plus, we have to give you drops to dilate your eyes before and during the surgery, and though they’re probably safe we don’t know for sure. Most dilating drops have not been tested on pregnant women, and some of every drop gets into the bloodstream. After the surgery you need steroids and antibiotic drops, and again, those have not been tested in pregnant women.

Also, pregnancy dries out your eyes, which is why most pregnant women can’t wear contacts. If you start the surgery with dry eyes you won’t heal as well. Even when you’re breastfeeding, you’re still in an altered hormonal state, so we usually recommend you wait at least one and preferably two menstrual cycles after you’ve stopped nursing to have LASIK surgery.”

To read the rest of the article, click here

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