Baby Steps Towards Eye Care

30 Sep

Eye care is an extremely important aspect of your health, and yet it seems that many people do not take precautions to preserve their sight until it is too late. This article is for parents, to encourage them to take their children to the eye doctor soon and often.

According to VSP, “eye care experts say children should have their first eye exam when they are only 6 months old.” However a recent study found that nearly 85% of pre-schoolers in the United States have not received one by age five.

For some suggestions, VSP spoke with Dr. Nick Brattis, a veteran optometrist from Casper, Wyo. “He echoes other vision experts with a suggested timeline for early childhood eye exams:

  • At 6 months. It’s best to find a specialist in treating young children. This exam mostly checks basic working order and structure of the eyes – to make sure they’re developing properly. The doctor will also check that the eyes are working well together. And, that they’re free of rare but serious problems — such as cataracts and tumors — that could hinder vision.
  • Between 2 and 3 years. The doctor will check for signs of developmental eye problems, like “lazy eye,” crossed eyes (strabismus), nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. If the doctor finds a problem, helpful therapy can usually start right away. This is important, so kids may avoid wearing corrective items, such as an eye patch, when they go to school.
  • Pre-K. Just before kindergarten, the doctor will check for visual acuity and prescribe glasses if needed.”

For more information, view the source article Baby Steps: Make Sure Some of Them are to the Eye Doctorat VPS

“In general, children should have an eye exam if:

  • There is red eye, with or without discharge.
  • They squint their eyes to read or see small things.
  • They complain of blurry distant vision.
  • They blink excessively.
  • They have headaches or double vision.”

Source: VSP

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