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Dry Eye Syndrome Among Women (via The Sharon Kleyne Hour)

30 Jun

Dr. Gipson is an ophthalmologist and dry eye researcher at Harvard Medical School. Dry eye symptoms are the #1 reason for eye doctor visits in the United States. She notes that dry eye syndrome is extremely complex and involves the surface of the eye, tear and lipid producing glands, the skin of the eyelids, the manner in which inflammation is processed by the brain and body, hormone production, microscopic tear film components, and the nervous s … Read More

via The Sharon Kleyne Hour

21 Jun

Halos and Starbursts (via LASIK Complications)

9 Jun

Good information for anyone interested in vision corrective surgery!

Halos and Starbursts Halos and starbursts are probably the most common side effect after having vision correction surgery.  These are literally small halos or starbursts that appear around light sources in high-contrast situations such as a dark room or especially during night driving. They can range from minor to severe, and most people just get used to them.  If you’ve ever worn contacts that are too dry at night you’ll be familiar with the feeling since light sour … Read More

via LASIK Complications