Allergy Eye (Part 2): Symptoms, Prevention and Therapy

6 Apr

Allergy Eye and Dry Eye Symptoms.

Itching, redness, blurred vision, burning, eyelid swelling or redness, excessive tearing, grainy feeling, eye strain, fatigue, heavy eyelids, light sensitivity

Reducing allergens/minimizing symptoms.


¨      Stay indoors when the pollen count is at its peak, especially in mid-morning and early evening.

¨      Keep windows closed and use air-conditioning during peak allergy seasons.

¨      Wear glasses or sunglasses outdoors during peak seasons.

¨      Allergy-proof your home; put dust-mite-proof covers on bedding and pillows; clean surfaces with a damp mop, rag, or shampooer rather than dry sweeping or dusting.

¨      Keep pets outdoors as much as possible if you have pet allergies.

¨      Reduce molds by keeping indoor humidity moderate. Shoot for 40% to 50% relative humidity at 70 degrees.

¨      Remove contact lenses as soon as symptoms appear.

Standard remedies.

¨      Cold compresses on the eyes.

¨      Oral antihistamines (may cause drowsiness).

¨      Eye drops and redness relievers.

¨      See your doctor about mast cell stabilizers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and immunotherapy.

Maintaining tear film health.

¨      Put bowls of water in your house, especially when heater or air conditioner is on.

¨      Take frequent long, luxuriant baths and/or showers.

¨      Let as much fresh air into the house as you can, especially the bathroom.

¨      Apply a pure-water mist before and after facial cleansing and any time eyes or face feel dry and/or uncomfortable.

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