Cruise Ships and Vision

17 Mar

Coincidentally, there is a type of cruise ship called “Vision Class.” The name has nothing to do with the possible state of your eyes while on an ocean cruise but it does underscore the fact that while on a cruise, just a little attention to the state of your eyes can go a long way towards making the trip more enjoyable.

Several factors can adversely affect vision and eye comfort during a cruise: Perspiration, solar radiation, salt air, glare and wind (not to mention too little sleep and too much alcohol). All these factors can be dehydrating to the eyes (and the skin).

Remember that your eyes, unlike your skin, are protected only by a thin tear film layer that is 98% water. Every one of the factors mentioned above can cause the eye’s delicate tear film to lose valuable water, resulting in itching, burning eyes, fatigue, headache, blurred vision, red eye and more.

The solution: Drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep and try to limit exposure to perspiration, salt air, etc. If you can’t limit exposure, be sure to wear sunglasses and if that doesn’t do it, mist your eyes from time to time with a pH balanced eye mist.

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