Sports and Vision Care (Part 1)

1 Mar

Although the range of sports is extremely diverse, many popular activities can affect the eyes and a wise person needs to be aware of this. Sports such as tennis, handball, baseball, hiking, running, cycling and basketball tend to produce prodigious perspiration. Everyone who engages in these sports knows that getting sweat in your eyes is, at the very least, uncomfortable.

But is it harmful?

Cold weather sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling tend also to produce eye discomfort, from snow glare or wind.

Is that harmful?

Sports such as motorcycling, motocross, sail boating and surfing can also cause discomfort, from salt water, exhaust fumes, wind and a variety of other factors.

Are they harmful?

It is important to understand exactly what happens to the eyes when they are drenched with perspiration or are exposed to glare, salt water, wind, cold or air pollution. Can this cause permanent damage? And if so, what can be done to prevent the damage and keep the eyes comfortable and working properly?

We’ll tell you the answers in Part 2, tomorrow.

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