Sharon Kleyne Interviews a Famous Women’s Health Specialist about Health, Nutrition and Computers

28 Jan

Donnica L. Moore is a physician from Far Hills, New Jersey, NJ, a radio talk show host and head of the Sapphire Women’s Health Group. She is a specialist in woman’s health. She was interviewed in the Sharon Kleyne Hour radio talk show ( on November, 2, 2009.

Dr. Moore is a strong advocate of the importance of water. She was noted that dehydration, not drinking enough water, can affect memory, attentiveness, math ability and toxin elimination. Increasing water intake can reduce the incidence of colon cancer by 45%. Fluids are also important in combating the flu.

Dr. Moore is also talked at length about exercise, which benefits every organ in the body. Exercise is especially difficult, and even more important, during pregnancy.

Sleep is also important and the #2 cause of car accidents is fatigue. Sleep deprivation is another cause of dehydration. It is difficult to exercise when you’re tired. Dry eye, caused by dehydration, can lead to fatigue and less exercise. Dehydration can also lead to auto-immune diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, hypothyroid, lupus and Sjogren’s. Tearing (watery eyes) can be a symptom of dry eye.

Excessive computer use can make you tired and dry out your eyes.

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