Sharon Kleyne Interviews a Chiropractor about Laser Phototherapy for Computer Users

21 Jan

Dr. Lee Cowan, a Chiropractic Physician from Portland, OR, was interviewed on the Sharon Kleyne Hour radio talk show ( on July 28, 2008

Sharon: What are the primary complaints of your patients?

Lee: Neck and back pain. And chronic headaches. And car accidents in the summer.

Sharon: What about carpal tunnel syndrome from computers?

Lee: Definitely. But carpal tunnel is not limited to computer operators. A lot of hairdressers get it, and factory workers and grocery clerks.

Sharon: Explain “laser phototherapy.”

Lee: The laser lens was invented in 1960 by scientists at Hughes aircraft and was soon applied to experimental medicine, originally in shrinking tumors in rats. It didn’t get rid of the tumors but it helped surgical wounds heal faster. Today, we have “cold lasers” that only penetrate about ½ inch, and “hot lasers” that penetrate much more deeply but can seriously burn you. Hot lasers are only used in short bursts. With laser phototherapy, we bundle together a bunch of very small laser lenses (light emitting diodes, actually, or LED’s) so we can treat a much wider area.

Sharon: How long do the treatments take before results are seen?

Lee: It depends on the injury. From two or three treatments only, up to two or three treatments a day for six or eight weeks. They are 70 to 80 percent effective on carpal tunnel syndrome. Scientists are now developing a blue-green laser that kills bacteria, and a blue laser that could kill cancer cells.

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