Sharon Kleyne Interviews a Chiropractor about Good Computer Habits

19 Jan

Dennis Buckley is a Chiropractic Physician in Pasadena, California, who had appeared on the Sharon Kleyne Hour several times. Here is an excerpt from his appearance of October 22, 2007.

Sharon: What have chiropractors learned about sitting at a computer?

Dennis: Sitting all day is a health threat no matter what you’re doing. Motion keeps us healthy. If you’re at a desk, and especially at a computer, this is a recipe for premature degeneration of the joints and body. I recommend Ergonomic chair design and frequent breaks and stretching.

Sharon: Do you have any more advice for computer users?

Dennis: Your body can put up with hours at a computer if, when you’re not at a computer, you exercise, stretch, move, get your heart rate up, eat correctly, drink enough water, etc. Worst is to go home and watch TV or go back on the computer. Also, be careful how you sit. Usually, at the computer, your shoulders slump forward and your arms are in front of you. And be careful of repetitive movements that cause carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.

Sharon: Eye doctors suggest positioning your chair so you look slightly down on the screen. How does that affect posture?

Dennis: Looking down is fine, provided you sit up straight and don’t let your head slump forward. Otherwise, it can create a strain on the neck and shoulders.

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