Sharon Kleyne Interviews a Chiropractor about Good Computer Habits – Part 2

19 Jan

Dennis Buckley is a Chiropractic Physician in Pasadena, California, who had appeared on the Sharon Kleyne Hour several times. Here is an excerpt from his appearance of December 1, 2008.

Sharon: Could you share your views on the importance of water?

Dennis: You need water to wash dishes, flush the toilet and purify your body. When your body absorbs air pollution, chemicals, excess cholesterol, etc., you need water to get rid of it. These days, electronic pollution is becoming a concern. We are surrounded by TV’s, computers, iPods, cell phones, etc., and they can cause changes in the body’s toxicity. Electromagnetic radiation can affect your red blood cells and cause symptoms such as headaches, brain tumors, behavioral changes, insomnia, loss of energy, difficulty focusing, etc. These are all also dehydration symptoms that can be alleviated by drinking more water.

Sharon: How can we avoid electronic pollution?

Dennis: Limit your use of cell phones, TV, computers, etc. And if you do use them, take a break once in a while and get outside and exercise. Obviously, sitting all day is not healthy. It is also important to detoxify your mind occasionally.

Sharon: I recommend deep breathing for stress control – in through the nose, hold a few seconds, and out through the mouth. Do this four or five times to relax.

Dennis: Excellent. That also helps eliminate toxins.

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