Sharon Kleyne Interviews a Stress Expert about Computer Use

8 Jan

Dr. Jon Nelson is a Neurologist in Portland, Oregon, with special interests in water and in stress reduction. He was interviewed on The Sharon Kleyne Hour syndicated talk radio show on April 23, 2007 ( Following is an excerpt.

Sharon: We have a caller on the line. What is your question for Dr. Nelson?

Caller: I’ve been told that there’s no such thing as stress and that it is our reaction to stress, not the stressor itself, that’s the problem.

Dr. Nelson: Of course. Stressors are almost always neutral and stress symptoms can have multiple causes. Also, what stresses one person may energize another. Some people are highly stressed by social situations but aren’t bothered in the least by skydiving. Some people hate talking on the phone while others thrive on it.

Caller: I have another question. What do you think of all the electronic communication going on today? We can instantly talk to thousands of people around the world but we are almost never face to face.

Dr. Nelson: I think it’s a shame. It’s the “plugged in drug” I spoke of earlier. Unfortunately, that is the nature of our evolving world and we must find ways to save our humanity as we move forward. Also, there are also physical manifestations of this “new world” – dry eye from sitting in front of a computer, etc.

Sharon: Thank you very much Dr. Nelson.

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