Tired Eyes and Eye Make-Up

5 Jan

Sooner or later, people who wear cosmetic eye make-up such as mascara and eye liner realize that these applications can sometimes make eyes feel dry, tired and uncomfortable, especially in situations that are stressful to eyes such as staying up late, spending long hours at a computer, or attending gatherings where there is drinking and smoking.

A common method of relieving the discomfort of tired and strained eyes is to apply chemically formulated eye drops. However, research confirms what most make-up wearers already know, that applying eye drops while wearing make-up could be counter-productive, not to mention messy.

Here’s why:

  • When you apply eye drops, some of the drop formulation often ends up on the eyelid.
  • If there is make-up on the eyelid, the drops could dissolve the make-up and mix with it.
  • The mixture of eye drop and make-up could then flow back into the eyes, causing additional irritation and redness.
  • This process is called “backflow” and it occurs fairly often.

Even if you don’t use eye drops while wearing make-up, cosmetics often cause eyes to feel less than fresh. That ‘s because leaving eyeliner and mascara on lids and lashes for too long can dehydrate (dry out) the eyelid skin which, in turn, can dry out the all-important tear film resulting in irritation, redness and dry eye symptoms.

Applying an all-natural, pure water moisturizer in the form of a fine mist can help prevent make-up from drying out your eyelid skin and causing discomfort.

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