Sharon Kleyne Talks about Dry Eye with a Leading Ophthalmologist and LASIK Surgeon

22 Dec

Philip Paden, MD, Chief of Staff of an Ophthalmology and LASIK surgery clinic in Medford, Oregon and Medical Director for Bio-Logic Aqua Research. He is an authority of computer vision syndrome, dry eye and preventive eye health.

Sharon: Could you talk a little about eye health?

Dr. Paden: Most people would rather be deaf or crippled than blind. Sight is extremely precious to us. Interestingly, our eyes are about the same as they were 100,000 years ago. However, our environment had changed drastically so that far greater demands are made on them. This change is mostly in three areas:

  1. We live much longer. Instead of living to 30 or 40, we typically live to 80 or 90. That means our eyes are more likely to wear out. Problems with the cornea and retina often need to be repaired, and the delicate glands that produce the tears begin to fail.
  2. We are subjected to city air, with its high ozone and particulate pollution, inversion layers, etc., which are dehydrating and irritating to the eyes.
  3. Indoor air is also dehydrating and irritating. Technologically controlled environments were supposed to be the final word, but we ended up with forced-air heating and cooling, insulated walls and window, and a myriad of chemicals. There is often no fresh air from the outside, dust and bacteria are re-circulated, and the humidity can get dangerously low.

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